Wellness Neurotherapy



Introduction to Wellness Neurotherapy


Wellness Neurotherapy

In ayurveda, Wellness neurotherapy is called “Nadi Mardan Kriya”. It is an ancient healing and rehabilitative therapy which is based on the vedic philosophies and principles. It works on muscles, nerves, joints, blood & lymphatic systems. The yogic sages believed that the body is governed and co-ordinated by three different humors or energy forces – Vata (air), pitta (bile) and kapha (water). Wellness Neurotherapy helps in balancing and restoring the humors of the body that in turn synchronize the physiological equilibrium of the body. This helps to achieve better co-ordinated functions of the body, mind and spirit.

 Ayurved acomprises of virtually all the branches of medical sciences. Knowledge of nervous system i.e ‘Nadi Vigyan’ is one of them, that thousands of years ago led to the development of wellness neurotherapy. Wellness Neurotherapy, known by different names has perpetually being utilized in ayurvedic medicine as a rehabilitative treatement. The term Wellness Neurotherapy (neuro means nadi or nerves; therapy is application), was coined in 1950’s. The traditional name of ayurvedic neurotherapy is ‘Kerali Massage’ in the south India, and ‘Ladara’ in north India. Ayurvedic Neurotherapy was re-evolved, introduced and developed by Mr. Lajpatrai Mehraji. For maintenance of good health “Ayurvedic” Neurotherapy, recognizes and gives importance to the integrity of the body’s mechanism as the most important element.



Wellness Neurotherapy treatment

It is a method of treating without any medication and without the help of any instrument. Its painless and it has no side effects. This therapy can be given to a person of any age group.

The oldest wisdom was achieved in the highest states of Samadhi by the Indian sages, using which they used to treat kings and Maharajas. After receiving this education in Gurukuls their disciples were able to keep themselves and the society healthy. Since last many decades, this Vedic knowledge was on the verge of extinction. This great wisdom was rediscovered by Shri Lajpat Rai Mehra ji, who in his simplest innovative and scientific way, represented this knowledge to all of us again. A medical practice in which one person can treat the other person with ease.

The practitioner of this therapy should have deep knowledge about the organs, glands, reflexes and nerves that are present in our body. By this method the body’s actions are made to function normally. Many body streamflows, such as acid-base, digestive juices and hormones etc are balanced.

According to wellness neurotherapy, these are the reasons for any disease in our body: –

  • When some glands do not work properly, or
  • they do not produce their own chemicals or hormones in the right amount and at the right time, or
  • when their chemicals do not reach their proper place.

Our body remains healthy only when the body’s digestive tract, lungs and kidneys all work properly. Apart from these, neurotherapy has its own beliefs on which the treatment is based. These beliefs are of two types – one, which is from our own experiences and the other that is based on the elements of physiology of medical science. For a drug free treatment, these interpretations may change from the wellness neurotherapy’s unique perspective.


How does Wellness Neurotherapy work?

Wellness neurotherapy is a complete system of healing, incorporating mechanical, psychological, bio- force, and biochemical aspects. It discovers the root cause of the disease and treats the same in an integrated manner. The disorder of the bodily organs causes an imbalance in the biochemical forces leading to the development of diseases. The therapist activates or deactivates the organ(s), through pressure or massage on the nerve channels to stimulate or depress the blood, & other body fluids and the nerve currents to restore the balance and harmony of the body thus helping the body regain its equilibrium.

Which therapeutic method is applied?


Concept: Wellness neurotherapy Finds out the root cause of the disease and treats it in a co-ordinated manner. It integrates psychological, mechanical, biochemical and bio-force factors and is thus a complete system for treatment and rehabilitation. To regain the equilibrium of the body, the therapist stimulates or calm down the organs, by applying pressure or massaging the nerve channels. This stimulates or depresses the blood, the nerve currents and other body Fluids and thus restores the harmony and the balance of the body.

Method: Massage is done or pressure is applied on different parts of the body using feet most of the time and sometimes with the hands. The therapist balances his weight on the stands which are kept one on the either side of the patient and applies pressure by standing on the patient’s body. He/she skillfully balances the weight and the pressure. The age, sex and tolerance of the patient, determines the amount of the pressure applied to the connecting nerve channels. The pressure and massage are done alike and aims to increase the in flow of the blood to the organs, thereby stretching the tissues, muscles and the nerves.