NEUROTHERAPY is an Indian traditional wellness technique based on naval setting and maintaining homeostasis in body. It is a pressure therapy in which pressure is given on different parts of the body at different angles for specific period of time and in specific sequences, which correct the malfunction of organs and set them right. Thereby, it rids the body of the very roots of the disease. It also rejuvenates and detoxifies body. The therapy includes therapeutic massage for body rejuvenation and detoxification. It relaxes body and mind. It also maintains the homeostasis of the body by balancing acid and alkaline level in a body. It is an effective technique which provides physical and mental wellbeing as it alleviates physical and mental stress.

As define wellness earlier Neurotherapy is an only option that fulfills this meaning of wellness. We may not be exaggerating if we say that Neurotherapy meet all the requirements for overall feeling of wellbeing. It covers all aspects of wellbeing which includes mental wellness, Physical wellness, Life style wellness, Social wellness and to some extent Spiritual wellness.

So Neurotherapy is not just only for an ill person, it is beneficial even for a healthy person to stay healthy in longer run. As the treatment is not for a disease,but it is directed at restoring the glands to their normal functioning. In other words body organs are gently stimulated so that they automatically start resuming their original functions all by themselves. If taken for number of days it surely brings a substantial improvement in the quality of health. Moreover it enhances the vitality and improve immunity of an individual. It rejuvenates a body and increase work efficiency of a person. It also slower the aging process by improving metabolism ,hunger and thirst,reduce weakness and eradicate toxins from a body. Thus it makes a person more enthusiastic, juvenile, stress free, and happier.

The method of Neurotherapy

The method that is utilized by a trained neurotherapist to perform the asana (Yoga) on a person needing the treatment, comprises of the patient lying on a thin mattress or on some other similar soft comfortable area where the therapist then applies Pressure and massages the relevant areas using either his / her hands and feet. In Neurotherapy we see the disease and it’s cures according to functions of the body system i.e. digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, endocrine system etc.


There are a number of different types of arthritis, in order to first bring relief and then cures this it is necessary to determine the type of arthritis that is affecting the patient. i.e. is it Osteoarthritis, Gout Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc. It is medically accepted that the increase in acid level is the one cause of inflammation and degeneration of the bones and joints. In order to neutralize this acid various organs can be stimulated to produce the necessary counterbalance of alkaline from the pancreas, gall bladder and liver. This sets and restores the Ph level of the body. According to the type of arthritis the kidneys can be stimulated to flush out the uric acid, adrenal gland to reduce the inflammation, and Para – thyroid to increase the bones density.